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Digital Strategies

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Every organization needs a Digital Strategy. There is just too much at stake!


Even if your organization is not ready to invest the resources to create an “end-to-end” Enterprise Digital Strategy, in the Digital Age, all organizations must be able to answer at least these three questions:


   1.  What Digital Technologies are going to impact our business and industry?

   2.  How will we, and our Industry, be disrupted by these technologies?

  • What are our existing competitors doing with these technologies?

  • What new technology-enabled competitors are going to emerge in our industry?

   3.  What new opportunities do these technologies present?


Once you have answered these questions, every organization’s Digital priorities and Digital Transformation urgency will be different.  That is why IT Renaissance has developed a comprehensive Digital Strategy “Playbook” that can be tailored to the unique situation and requirements of each client.

The IT Renaissance Digital Strategy Playbook
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We provide an objective review of what needs to be done to improve IT and Business  performance and insights on how to do it.

We work with you to develop a process and roadmap for the transformation, and guide you through the process to ensure a successful result.

A Strategic Checkpoint


Even if you are not ready to commit to completing a comprehensive, end-to-end Enterprise Digital Strategy, we recommend that all companies at least complete all of the activities up to the Strategic Checkpoint to answer the three questions identified above.


If you are still uncertain on how, or if, you should complete the remainder of the Digital Strategy planning activities, we have found that a technique called Scenario-based planning might be helpful.

Digital Strategy Deliverables


Whether the scope of your Digital Strategy is your entire enterprise, a “Value Stream” like Source-to-Pay of Data Ops or a Business Capability like Information Technology, the deliverables from a Digital Strategy include:

  • The definition of your future state Business Architecture;

  • A Master Plan which includes a Road Map and a Business Case; and

  • Organizational Commitment to proceed with the implementation of the Strategy

IT Renaissance partners with your management team to create pragmatic, implementable and value-creating Digital Strategies

Our Senior Technology and Digital Transformation Consultants work with the leadership of your business in a facilitated process that minimizes management time and maximizes innovation, creativity and collaboration.


Whether we are partnering with your leadership team on an Enterprise Digital Strategy, a Value Stream, or a Business Capability Transformation Strategy, the result is a pragmatic, achievable Digital Road Map and Business Case that is understood and supported by your entire leadership team.


If you are interested in learning more about how IT Renaissance can help you create your value-creating Digital Strategy, please contact us.

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