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Digital Transformation Enablement


In the Digital Age companies are betting millions, that they can harness the power of all the diverse technologies that are driving Digital Transformation to fend off competitive threats and take advantage of all of the opportunities that these technologies enable.


A recent study by McKinsey estimated that only 30% of Digital Transformation programs have succeeded. And, many of the programs that have “succeeded” have taken longer, cost more and delivered less than what was promised. 


So, what is the probability that your Digital Transformation Program will succeed?  Are you happy with a 30% probability of success?  IT Renaissance provides the following services to increase the probability that your Digital Transformation Programs will succeed.

Digital Transformation Health Checks and Readiness Assessments


  • Health Checks:  If you already have a Digital Transformation Program underway, our senior consultants utilize our health check tools to quickly identify the issues and risks in your current and planned Digital Transformation Project Portfolio and make recommendations for increasing the probability that your Transformation Programs will succeed.

  • Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment: If you are about to launch a major Digital Transformation Program our senior consultants will conduct a Readiness Assessment that utilizes a series of interviews, workshops and surveys to assess the readiness of your organization to succeed at Digital Transformation.

Transformation Management & Oversight        


An effective Digital Transformation Management Office is critical for ensuring successful transformation.  We can assist you in establishing the office to oversee, coordinate, and guide the effort. We also offer experienced Transformation Program and Project Management resources to provide leadership, and assist your team in managing the Transformation Management Office.


Transformation Quality & Risk Management        


Conducting quality reviews at key checkpoints in a digital transformation program is a best practice for successful  program delivery.  We conduct in depth and objective Program Quality & Risk Management  reviews  at key program milestones to increase the probability of success for our client’s  projects. 

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