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IT Renaissance Insights

Review our thoughts, insights and opinions on key challenges facing all companies in the digital age.  Here we also provide additional information on concepts that support our service offerings.  IT Renaissance offers these insights to assist our clients to successfully transform its business to stay relevant and competitive in today's economy.


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Business Capability Model

Designing Business Capabilities to support the Digital Strategies is critical for successful transformation.  They will in turn drive supporting architectures.

Lean+Agile Solution Delivery

Our innovative approach to Solution Delivery combines process efficiencies from Lean concepts with the benefits from true Agile development.

Enterprise Architecture

Our approach to Digital Transformation starts with defining a company's Enterprise Architecture from Supplier > Business Capabilities > Customers.

IT Capability Framework

Our unique framework enables analyzing which IT capabilities must are the most important to improve to support the digital and IT strategies. 

Lean+Agile Data Ops

DataOps is a key value stream used by analytic and data teams to improve the quality and reduce the cycle time of data analytics.  We apply Lean+Agile to Data Ops.

IT Architecture

Our IT Architecture framework fully supports our extended Enterprise Architecture, and is designed to support the Business Architecture.

Industry Eco-System

We believe that it is important to define the end to end “Value Streams”, or processes, from an organization’s original suppliers to the end consumers of their products or services.  

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