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DataOps is a relatively new concept. It was first introduced as a set of principles by Lenny Liebmann in a blog post on the IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub entitled "3 reasons why DataOps is essential for Big Data success" on June 19, 2014.

We agree that DataOps is essential for Big Data success. We believe that Data Ops is much more than that. The reality is that without the meaningful, high quality, timely, efficient, secure and accurate data provided by effective Lean+Agile DataOps, most Digital Transformation initiatives cannot succeed.


DataOps is a Value Stream

The concept of a Value Stream comes from Lean. According to Lean, a Value Stream is a representation of the end-to-end process for producing outputs of value for customers. .

This is the IT Renaissance representation of a Lean+Agile DataOps Value Stream

  • Your Data Strategy must be an integral part of your overall Digital Strategy


  • Your Digital Strategy is critical to defining your future state Data Architecture, which should be managed as part of your overall Enterprise Architecture 



  • Data Management is one of the core IT Capabilities in the IT Renaissance IT Capability Framework. It is obviously at the heart of an organization’s DataOps Value Stream


  • Your current Enterprise Data Platform (and all of its associated Technical Debt) is the manifestation of your past Data Management Capabilities.


  • Solution Delivery defines how you plan, design, build and deploy value-creating Analytics and Business Intelligence applications to your customers.

  • Data Security is included in IT Risk Management along with Business Continuity and Compliance;


Lean+Agile DataOps

A Lean+Agile DataOps Value Stream has the following characteristics:

  • Mature, Lean+Agile Data Management Capabilities.

  • A Lean+Agile Data Architecture and Platform that is:

    • The repository of data that is current, high quality, and that meets the needs of all of its “customers”

    • Cost effective to create, manage and use

    • Leverages technologies that are appropriate for the types of data solutions that it enables

    • Secure

    • Easily Accessible to everyone that needs it

    • Flexible

    • Extensible and Adaptable – extensibility and adaptability are the keys to Agility


  • Once you have mature Lean+Agile Data Management capabilities and a Lean+Agile Data Platform, then you must deliver your Analytics Solutions using a Lean+Agile Solution Delivery "gameplan" that has been adapted and enhanced to deliver Analytics Solutions.   

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