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Lean+Agile Solution Delivery

For more information about our Lean+Agile Solution Delivery Services or our Lean+Agile Solution Delivery Playbook, please contact us by clicking below.

IT Renaissance has developed an integrated approach to Solution Delivery that minimizes the risk of software development projects and increases the velocity and efficiency of development teams by integrating concepts and practices from:

  • Scrum

  • Extreme Programming;

  • Feature Driven Development

  • The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)

  • Agile Kanban (with Lean+Agile Solution Delivery you don’t have to choose between Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) and Agile Kanban. We have integrated the best of both paradigms).


Even with the improvements introduced by the Scaled Agile Framework and Agile Kanban, there are still shortcomings in Agile that have prevented it from achieving its maximum potential in many organizations. The most significant of these is that Agile is a set of Principles and Practices. None of the Agile approaches identified above include an end-to-end enterprise scale Solution Delivery Methodology.  We have addressed this critical shortcoming by defining our Lean+Agile Solution Delivery “Playbook” that integrates Agile Practices with:

  • Lean Business Process Redesign

  • Concurrent Engineering Concepts (from the Automotive Industry

  • Lean+Agile Project Management

  • DevOps

  • Organization Change Management


Our Lean+Agile Solution Delivery Playbook is a pragmatic, flexible, comprehensive, integrated collection of Solution Delivery “plays” organized into an end-to-end process framework and phasing model.

lean Agile Playbook.png
  • The purpose of Concurrent Solution Engineering is to do enough work, as quickly as possible, to define the solution to a level of detail that the project team can give a reasonable estimate of the total cost and timeframe to deliver an application solution. It is where those stories (or in our case Features) come from.


  • Iteration Zero has been a common concept in Agile for years. We have extended this concept to Release Zero, whose purpose is to put everything in place so that the development project teams are immediately productive


  • Release 1 through N are traditional Agile Solution Delivery Releases with enhancements to the way releases and Iterations are managed and how status is reported to Business Sponsors and other stakeholders


  • The purpose of the Deploy phase is to implement the solutions into the operations of the business. This includes User Training, Data Conversion and all of the DevOps processes that are required to deploy the solution into production.

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