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Lean+Agile Solution Delivery


Innovation, Strategies and Plans are all necessary for value creating Digital Transformations, but no value actually gets created until you “get beyond the good ideas and actually implement something”.  We use the term “Solution Delivery” to describe the end-to-end process for defining, designing, developing, testing and implementing technology-based solutions into the operations of a business – from good idea to Value Realization.


A major reason that 70% of Digital Transformation initiatives fail is because, historically 70% of software development projects have failed. And in the case of Digital Transformation in the Digital Age, development teams are dealing with concepts and technologies with which they are not familiar.

Advanced Application Solutions


IT Renaissance  leverages our Lean+Agile Solution Delivery approach with experienced Software Architects, Project Managers, Data Architects, Data Scientists, Business Architects, QA Architects, Senior Developers and User Experience Designers to define, design and deliver advanced solutions:

  • Smart Application Solutions

  • Advanced Analytics/BI Application Solutions

  • Complex Transaction Processing Application Solutions

  • Mobile Application Solutions


We also leverage our Lean+Agile Solution Delivery approach to define, design and implement solutions to transform IT Capabilities, like DataOps and DevOps, as part of our IT Transformation Services.


Our Lean/Agile Solution Delivery Playbook is a comprehensive, integrated collection of Solution Delivery “Plays” organized into an overall process framework and phasing model.

Our Flexible Partnering Approach


Our goal is to help our clients succeed with Digital Transformation, and we partner with them to succeed with their Solution Delivery projects.  We have defined a flexible approach to partnering with our clients.


  • Our preferred approach is to team with our clients throughout the Solution Delivery Life Cycle. We believe that this approach provides the most benefit to our clients:


  • When our experts work with a client team they learn the specifics of the client’s business and functional area. This enables us to provide input from the beginning of a project that will help increase the probability of success.


  • Our IT Renaissance consultants mentor your project team who learns about our Lean+Agile Solution Delivery approach and Best Practices.


  • We can also support a specific phase of the lifecycle, such as “Concurrent Solution Engineering”, to lead your team through the most challenging activities to ensure successful knowledge transfer.

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